About Advanced Flooring Technology

AFT was started in 1988 by Robert Varden as a company that took on especially challenging flooring installation assignments or trouble-shooting flooring problems for customers in the U.S. and around the world. As the shortage of qualified installers has become more apparent, AFT has shifted its focus from installation to training. “More experienced flooring installers are leaving the business every day, so the industry is facing a shortage of well-trained and certified installers to take their place,” observes Varden.

Today AFT operates a training facility in Wichita, KS, and will soon open in Rockwall, TX, near Dallas. AFT also provides installer training to CCA Global Carpet One and Flooring America dealers in the U.S. and Canada at their locations. For this program AFT enhances the skills of installers in areas like correcting pattern carpet deviation that can occur on the job. “We want to improve the knowledge and skill sets of installers, so we keep the customer satisfaction rate outstanding,” says Nicole Harding, VP of Learning and Development for CCA Global. “Robert and his team help us achieve that.”

Students of AFT training, no matter how many years they’ve installed flooring, will always remark that they’ve learned something new and valuable for their business. Companies that hire AFT to conduct training for them will always be pleased with how perfectly it fits their needs. That’s because AFT will work with the customer to design the course specifically for their needs.

AFT is an approved training provider by the Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) and supports all training and certification bodies.

About AFT

Training & Certification Programs

At AFT, we believe that no matter how well-made and beautiful the flooring materials is, a floor is not a floor until it has been properly installed. That’s why we insist that floor covering installers be properly trained to perform their job to make the flooring surface a reality. 

With AFT, choose from six designed, certified courses to improve your knowledge and skills.

FCEF approves scholarships for Advanced Flooring Technology Course

Robert Varden
Robert Varden, owner of Advanced Flooring Technology

ROCKWALL,Tx (July 28, 2023) — The Floor Covering Education Foundation (FCEF) has approved the 3-Phase Installer Course launched by Advanced Flooring Technology to receive scholarship funds, announced Robert Varden of AFT. The AFT 3-Phase Installer Course is open to new, untrained hires employed with dealers or contractors. The three training phases build upon each other, from a basic introduction in Phase 1 to more intensity and depth in carpet and LVP installation in Phases 2 and 3. The course begins with a two-week Intro to Floor Covering Phase, including basics in carpet and LVP installation and some hardwood flooring basics. Then students do a minimum of four weeks of on-the-job training. Phase 2 is two weeks of Basic Carpet and LVP installation training, followed by four weeks minimum in the field.

Phase 3 is the final two weeks of more intense training in Carpet and LVP, followed by testing and certification. “We’re very happy to add Advanced Flooring Technology to our list of training providers authorized to receive our scholarships. Robert is undoubtedly one of the best flooring installation trainers in the industry – maybe the best,” remarked Jim Aaron, executive director of FCEF. “We’re confident the students participating in AFT’s classes will receive excellent instruction as they embark on a new flooring installation career.”

“We are truly grateful to Jim and FCEF for their vote of confidence in what we are doing. Already we are seeing results and looking at expanding this opportunity to train-up the next generation of installers,” said Varden.

Why Choose Advance Flooring Technology?

Dean, store owner about his installers

“There are new techniques, there’s new equipment … they’re so ecstatic about the training.”

Dean, store owner about his installers

Anthony, student

“Curriculum is excellent. Wish we’d had this 25 years ago.”

Anthony, student

Lew Migliore

“Excellent Robert. Single handedly making a huge difference in the lives of installers.”

Lew Migliore