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Carpet Seaming

October 4, 2023

This class is designed for both apprentices and Lead Installers. We dive deep into the construction of all soft surface materials and the best ways to create a better seam. This class covers:

  • Tufted Material
  • Woven Material / Axminster, Wilton, Face to Face, Velvet
  • Flat Weaves
  • Properly Identifying the construction
  • Various cutting tools and techniques
  • Seam sealing options
  • Use of Latex, Acrylic and Thermoplastic (Glue Gun) and the Pros and cons of both
  • Use of the hot seaming iron
  • Effects of heat on a seam
  • Use of the Koolglide Seaming system
  • How to eliminate seam peaking
  • Causes of discoloration
And Much more..

Event Details

October 4, 2023

White Hall, WV